With Orcus dead and the Raven Queen’s attention elsewhere, the souls of the dead linger on the mortal plane, and the undead are more active than ever. The chaos is only made worse by the clockwork armies of Lord Suncross roaming the land, and Tiamat’s legions rampaging across the globe for reasons unknown.

In Everlasting Dawn, capital city of the Kingdom of Light Immaculate, a small band of adventurers is swept up in the tide of war, beneath the shadow of the ruby moon as it grows larger and larger in the skies overhead.

The ruby moon known as the Eye of Orcus has crashed to the earth, its crimson shards spread far and wide across the world. The undead ranks are swelling as those killed in the moonfall tragedy are transformed by the necromantic energy of the shards.

Alaron, the country in which the moon landed, is lost beneath a shroud of red dust and flashes of scarlet lightning, the full extent of the damage unknown to all. The adventurers, in Alaron at the time, escape with a smuggler to the country of Nazianz to regroup and plot their next course of action.

Everlasting Dawn

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