Everlasting Dawn

Second Adventure

Betrayal? Onward to Dunleigh. New allies.

Henrik Von Ditronas and Courtland fought through the night in the streets, aiding townsfolk and Peacekeepers alike as they made their way to one of Everlasting Dawn’s inner rings, where the Ditronas family home was located.

When they arrived, they found the street in front of the manor littered with dead kobolds and dragonborn, and when Henrik rang the bell at the locked gate, he was surprised to have a huge man in immense, bulky, matte gray armor and carrying strange weapons answer. Henrik announced himself, but the guard asked for identification to prove who he was, which the beleaguered adventurer could not supply, and after that, the guard refused to speak further with them.

Not eager to cause a scene after the dragon attack, and less eager to fight on the family grounds, Henrik and Courtland turned away from Ditronas manor and returned to the vault where their companions had spent the night protecting refugees.

A squad of Peacekeepers from the Vindicators chapter, led by Captain Kaius, came to the vault to relieve the adventurers and to ask them to help the war effort by traveling to Fierburg in Alaron to ask the Praetors of Ophirion to send their dragon riders to the capital. The Peacekeepers supplied the group with five sturdy war horses and a month’s rations, and then the adventurers left Everlasting Dawn, heading west.

The most direct route to Alaron would take the party through the ruins of Dunleigh, where a scourge of plague demons, undead and Tiamat’s legions forced the Divine Monarch to cleanse the city using the empire’s ultimate weapon, Exterminatus – a powerful ritual that summons the fury of the sun in an all-consuming golden pillar.

While camping outside of Dunleigh, intent on moving on to the ruins the following morning, the group was surprised when a hippogriff and its rider flew low overhead to scout them, and then darted away again. Unsure of the allegiance of the strange rider, the troupe followed Courtland into the forest and through his overgrown smuggling trails, where they had no trouble hiding from the patrols of hippogriff’s that were out searching for them.

The following morning, when they came through the forest to the far side of Dunleigh, where the landscape flattens into a long plain, the adventuring party decided to investigate the strange force in the ruins.

Eladrin in red armor greeted them at the edge of the ruins of Dunleigh, now a beautiful field of flowers that made the air smell sweet, and the group was escorted past dozens of hippogriffs to meet with their commander, the flight lead Xanxeral.

Impressed with their ability to hide from his scouts, Xanxeral spoke freely with the group, revealing that they served the Summer Lord of the local fae court, who was concerned with the recent movements of the metallic dragons of the Faywild. They were to go to Everlasting Dawn and speak with the monarch of the kingdom to gather information, but the map they had was hundreds of years old and offered only unfamiliar cities and landmarks.

Courtland offered the group’s current map and his guidance in exchange for their outdated map, and proceeded to instruct the leader of the flight in the recent events in the kingdom. In exchange, Xanxeral gifted them the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd – armor that he used to wear himself, but had since replaced.

With potential new allies en route to Everlasting Dawn, the adventurers got back on their horses and proceeded onward towards the Wraithlands.

(If you’ve read this, give yourself three hero points.)



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