Lothar Suncross

Bodak Deathknight


Lothar Suncross was born the son Mikal Suncross, a cleric of Pelor, and raised with his adopted brother, an orphaned dragonborn named Arjhun. He and Arjhun were committed to the church and their studies, but they had always felt the call to adventure, and it was often Lothar who would drag Arjhun into the woods in dangerous pursuits.

Even at a young age, Lothar proved to be an excellent student of the martial arts, and he would spend hours listening to stories of heroic deeds from adventurers who came by the temple for rest and solace, which only added fuel to his wanderlust.

Finally, an opportunity for adventure presented itself when goblins raided the temple and robbed them of some of their ritual implements. He grabbed his brother, strong in the ways of magical prayers, and pursued the goblins into the night to recover their treasures. They were successful in their quest, but upon their return the following morning, they found the temple to be devoid of occupants, as though everyone had simply vanished.

At this point, the brothers parted ways, splitting up in hopes of finding some information about their family. They would not see each other again for years, and never again as brothers.

Lothar disappeared for years, and when he returned, the impetuous young cleric was no more. Something changed him during his adventures, transforming the young man – once one of Pelor’s faithful – into a diabolical and terrifying bodak deathknight. No one knows what transformed the cleric, or where he got the strange technology he uses to build his army of steam fiends; he fights with the goal of resurrecting Orcus and supplying his master with an enormous army with which to conquer Death and claim godhood.

Lothar Suncross

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