Frightening creatures born on the ruby moon.



Tall and wiry, unravelers are a frightening sight to behold. Their rail-thin bodies are made of of red vines, like thick veins, loosely coiled together into a humanoid shape. They have a head upon their narrow shoulders, but no faces, and their already considerable height is further amplified by tall, branching antlers.

Unravelers’ hands are tipped with long, spindly fingers, which they dexterously wriggle in quick, flicking motions, as though weaving.


When the Eye of Orcus crashed down on the country of Alaron, it brought with it the strange creatures known as ‘unravelers.’ Never before seen in the world, the true power and purpose of the unravelers is unknown, but they have already demonstrated the ability to ‘unravel’ a man’s fate from the Astral Sea, utterly annihilating him from existence, and reducing the body to a glittering pile of magical residuum.


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