Y'ora El

Smuggler Princess


Y’ora is eighteen years old, small, and slim, with an athletic body built for speed and agility. She has a pretty, heart shaped face with pale skin and large dark eyes, granting her a youthful appearance; her hair is shiny and black black, and worn in a choppy, haphazard style.


Y’ora is technically royalty, as she’s the granddaughter of the king of Alaron, before it joined the Kingdom of Immaculate Light, thus dissolving the royal family – something which the girl is bitter about, despite the fact that she would still have grown up in the lap of luxury.

For childish reasons, she ran away from home and ended up lost on one of Cortland’s smuggling paths, where she was attacked by a large, venomous spider. She managed to kill the spider with her boot knife, but was poisoned as a result. She would have died there, alone in the forest, if not for Courtland finding her and bringing her to Dunleigh.

The near death experience left the girl with temporary amnesia, during which time she became Courtland’s protégé, learning the way of the sword, as well as the smuggler.
Though she was nearly killed by one, the girl proved to have an unusual fondness for spiders, and likened herself to them, as she was small and fast, could climb nearly any surface and proved to be silent when she wanted to be.

Now known as ‘the Spider,’ Y’ora operates a smuggling operation in Alaron, filling the power vacuum left by Courtland’s absence. Her operation is quite large, reaching all across Epoch, with tendrils reaching out to Apoch and Opoch as well. Following the moonfall in Alaron, her base of operations, the future of the organization is uncertain.

Y'ora El

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