A harsh and inhospitable land, Frigia is a cluster of islands approaching the northernmost point of the globe. Often the sight of war between islands, Frigia was recently invaded by the army of Lord Suncross, who was taking the inhabitants and transforming them into twisted machine men to strengthen his army. To aid in his conquest of the islands, huge walls of ice were crafted that bridged the islands, and further worked to keep out anyone who worked to stop him.

Gettlinge is a human occupied island that is mostly made of forested mountains and caves, often hiding hot springs and even the occasional magma flow. The island is home to the Wild Caller clan of humans – a clan that specializes in the handling of dangerous, natural beasts.

Jelling was, before the occupation by Imperial forces, a colony for injured soldiers, where they could go to be cared for by slaves. Naturally, the slavery was abolished when the peacekeepers arrived, basically leaving the island a dying settlement.

Oseberg, like Valsgarde, is mostly forests, but the elves that reside here live in homes constructed amongst the tops of the immensely tall pine trees that grow to over a hundred feet here. They are a relatively simple people, preferring hunting and gathering on their own island to the bloodshed and conquest of most nearby civilizations.

Gokstad is another mountainous island, but the landscape is dotted with ancient fortresses of stone and ice, all of them shielding entrances into the labyrinthine tunnels that weave throughout the mountains themselves. The dwarves of Gokstad are incredibly fierce warriors, and they specialize in creating siege weapons, though they are also immensely rich with gemstones and crystals that, while worth a fortune anywhere else, are simply pretty baubles to them – though that isn’t to say that they aren’t well aware of the value of the gems that are so abundant within the mountains, and they will not part with them easily to outsiders.

Borrehaugene is the seat of power for the Wolf Breaker clan, once led by the great Ivar the Boneless. The peoples here are fiercely devoted to their dead ruler, and powerful barbarians with no love for the Imperial Monarchy. The island itself is hilly and dotted with forests, and most of the villages are simple longhouses, with the occasional fort of stone, wood or ice, but one thing common amongst all of the settlements on the island is that huge community fires are built in the center of town and kept burning perpetually. They, of course, have sided with the newly risen Ivar the Boneless, and subsequently murdered every peacekeeper on the island.

Valsgarde is so heavily forested that the sun never touches the forest floor. Hidden in the forest is a civilization of elves that are xenophobic and extremely unwelcoming, typically preferring to silently kill any intruders on their land rather than to make contact, or even to simply hide in the dense forests. Also living on the island is the white dragon Glaciavar, who protects the elves in exchange for them leaving her eggs alone, as well as helping to feed her on occasion.

Gamla Uppsala is an arctic tundra, dotted with very sparse forests and ringed with a mountainous ridge, making it extremely difficult to get into the island, and making life for the white-furred arctic shifters – a primal, nomadic breed of shifters – extremely difficult. Only the strong survive amongst arctic shifters, and any young born disabled or elderly too old to contribute to the clan are typically killed and cannibalized. The shifters don’t see this as an act of evil, but rather a method of survival in the harsh landscape.

Hulterstad is the strangest of the islands, as it is a treacherous landscape of deep, icy ravines, and huge, jagged spires of stone. Like the shifters of Gamma Uppsala, the goliath that live here have hard lives of constant travel in search of food. Many of the deep ravines on the island actually pierce through the island and connect to the ocean, making fishing essential to the goliaths and, though it is indeed rare, occasionally larger prey like whales get caught in the ravine, providing the warrior race with a feast. The goliaths of Hulterstad are typically mild mannered and willing to aid each other as well as travelers, though if pushed to violence, they are incredibly fierce, and were terrible stormtroopers in Ivar’s army.

Trulben consists primarily of tall, rolling hills and dense forests that grow in random patches, as well as numerous rivers and waterfalls. Trulben is home to a wintry race of dragonborn with stark white scales, rimmed with icy blue. The dragonborn of Trulben are notorious amongst the races of Frigia as they held out the longest against Ivar’s forces, thanks to their ferocity in combat, and their incredible resistance to cold that allowed them to easily craft armor and fortresses out of solid ice. The dragonborn of Trulben are extremely hostile and quick to anger, often kidnapping trespassers to their land to amuse themselves through torture or the sport of hunting. Typically, they live in small communities built within caves, but sometimes, they can be found living in the open within their ice fortresses.


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